Heer (Army) Mountain Trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’ Equipment Grouping



Fantastic set of equipment as carried by German Heer (Army) Mountain Troopers ‘Gebirgsjäger’ soldiers while in the field. There is no name but all of the items are perfect for a mannequin or simple corner display. This set consists of…

  • Large mountain trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’ rucksack, RBRN marked with original leather straps. Some damage to the leather pull straps but all and all a nice combat worn example.
  • Genuine Army (Heer) rock climbing hammer for mountain troopers. Marked marked hammer by Stubai, the preferred manufacturer for Wehrmacht climbing material.
  • Wehrmacht mountain trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’ snow shoes.
  • Mountain Trooper Pick Axe (Gebirgsjäger Spitzhacke) by Felix Ralling Hammerwerk.