Waffen-SS Mountain Trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’ Windjacke in Italian Camouflage


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Fantastic field/tailor made example of a Waffen-SS Mountain Trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’  Windjacke (Wind-jacket) in Italian M29 Camouflage. We see several period photos of both Wehrmacht and SS troops with all kinds of uniforms during the period made with captured camouflage, especially Italian camouflage. This example shows perfect construction compared to period made Mountain Trooper wind-jackets, the piece is UV negative and has all the buttons still intact, the left sleeve shows signs of a Waffen-SS sleeve eagle that has since been removed (more than likely to wear after the war.) There were only a handful of SS Mountain Troop units that could have worn such a piece, Nord, Prinz Eugen, Handschar, Skanderbeg, etc. In hand this piece shows clear signs of detailed construction, overall a great piece of WWII combat worn camouflage, the fact it is in a rare wind-jacket cut is even better, this would look great on a mannequin with a SS tunic underneath!