SA Dagger by (M7/36 – E.F. Horster)


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Nice example of a mid war period SA Dagger crafted by E.F. Horster. This maker in RZM made example is rather hard to find, a desirable maker. The wooden brown grip is untouched and without damage. Adorning the grip is the iconic grip eagle, accompanied by the SA roundel. The eagles details including the wing feathering, wreath, and swastika, along with the SA roundel remain in excellent condition. Notably, the grip integrates into the crossguards with no spacing and is very tight together. The blade retains a significant amount of detailing, with some of the dark etching on the “Alles für Deutschland” (All for Germany) motto. The blade itself retains some cross graining on both sides with gray areas/spots throughout and minor runner marks. The reverse of the blade proudly bears the RZM maker’s mark M7/36 for E.F. Horster of Solingen, with dark etching still intact. The blade shoulders align flawlessly with the contours of the crossguard. The scabbard has great paint, there is no dents or flaws though one of the top scabbard screws is missing, strangely enough it does not appear to have ever had one screwed in. Overall a great, solid example that displays perfect in any collection!