Close Combat Clasp (CCC) in Bronze – (JFS) “2nd Pattern”


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Great example of the Close Combat Clasp in Bronze by (Joseph Felix & Sohn.) Produced in zink construction with integral hinge and crimped in catch. Maker and designer marked on the reverse. So called type 6.5 with the 2nd Pattern Marking locations. Very good condition with near all the high quality bronze finish present, and just a small area of zinc pest that could possibly be treated, if it wasn’t for this area of pest, this badge would be as nice as they come.

Note – The reverse of the badge correctly displays the “F.E.C. W.E. Peekhaus Berlin” (left) and “JFS” (right) embossed maker marks. These were done on all 2nd pattern types by JFS. The 1st pattern examples would have these markings switch locations.