Complete Heer (Army) Officer Dagger Set – (WKC)


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This WKC Army Officer’s Dagger is lovely with very sharp detailed fittings that are tight to the grip and blade. The pommel of this dagger is in excellent condition, showing a little wear around the rim but nothing bad. The silvering is completely intact throughout this pommel. The standing oak leaves and acorns are crisply detailed and have good black backgrounds. The crossguard retains full silvering and has a fine definition. The details throughout the characteristic WKC eagle are exceptional throughout the head, breast and wing feathering, talons and wreathed mobile swastika. The grip is a very pretty, deep orange color, with a reverse grip that has toned to an even darker shade. This grip is in perfect condition throughout. The scabbard is a fine WKC example, with much of the silvering and some of the frosting along the edges. This straight scabbard has very crisp, finely grained panels. The carrying bands have an excellent pattern of overlapping oak leaves and acorns, with hand enhancing evident on each of the leaves. The blade has some oil spots from improper storage that could clean off if the future buyer wishes to do so. This blade shows lots of original cross grain remaining and a needle tip, the edge has a couple small edge defects that can only be felt by finger, not seen. The reverse ricasso of the blade is etched with the Knight Head trademark of the WKC firm, and a large size leather blade washer is in place. The logo reads “WKC SOLINGEN.” The beautiful orange grip is undamaged and without any cracks, it still has the silver portepee knot still attached and a beautiful pair of hangers as well. This set is uncleansed and has an amazing layer of undisturbed patina throughout, on the scabbard is a small lable made by the veteran who brought it home which is incorrect but reads “Nazi High Party Leader Dagger” a very neat addition. This complete set is as it was returned home from the war and displays wonderful!

Note – WKC stands for the firm Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. This firm has been manufacturing military swords and cutlery in Solingen, Germany- a city famous since the middle ages for its metal-working and craftsmanship in sword making.