WWI U.S. Model 1917 Bolo by Plumb of St. Louis Dated 1918


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U.S. Model 1917 Bolo manufactured by Fayette R. Plumb Inc, whose factory was in the Bridesburg region of Philadelphia, PA and in St. Louis. Dated 1918 in fine condition with a sheath including the tan woven cover with leather tip, also in fine condition, marked “Curtiss 1917 L.L.” and inspected “A.K.C. 1918.” Small seam has come loose on the leather tip, but still solid overall. Great WWI period used example.

Note – The bolo knife was handy for clearing brush by engineers, machine gun crews and hospital corpsmen who might also have to improvise stretchers, etc.  The 1917 pattern was an improved version of the 1910 that eliminated the scabbard catch. Wartime demand caused contracts to be let by the government to the American Cutlery Company and to Plumb.