U.S. WWII USMC Bolo Knife by Chatillon & Sons with BOYT 1942 Scabbard


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This is a very nice USMC Medical Corpsman knife by Chatillon & Sons with USMC marked and dated leather scabbard. The type used by the Marine Corps in the South Pacific, and like all “Bolo” type knives, were intended as utility tools for clearing brush and light construction. With this knife wood and bamboo could be fashioned into stakes, splints, etc. Though not originally intended as a fighting knife, the close tactics of the Japanese fighting caused these knives to be heavily relied upon by USMC soldiers and were used in many battles according to the marines that survived.

This example has a fantastic scabbard undamaged wood grip panels, and a great blade that has never been sharpened. Typically these earlier variants are heavily used condition, great example!