VERY RARE Photo Album for Member of (SS-Totenkopfverbände-Standarte 1 “Oberbayern”)



Very rare SS black photo album cover with the  “Erinnerungen an Meine Dienstzeit SS- Totenkopfverband “Oberbayern” which translates to (Memories of My Service in SS-Totenkopfverband “Oberbayern”.) This album has no photos inside but all the pages and cello paper dividers are still present. These album covers alone even without photos are incredibly rare, and very displayable on their own merits. Perfect album for TK photos, or simply displaying in a case!

Note – The 1st TK-Standarte ‘Oberbayern’. Formed 1937 at Dachau. During the Polish invasion conducted so-called “security operations” behind the lines. Which, in reality were operations of terrorizing and murdering the Polish civilian population as part of the Einsatzgruppen (death squads.) Redesigned 1st. SS-Totenkopf-Infanterie-Regiment, and assigned to the Totenkopf Division. It was used for “police duties” during the invasion of Poland behind the lines of the 10. Armee between Upper Silesia and the Vistula river. These duties consisted of hunting down the remaining polish soldiers, terrorizing the civilians and murdering political leaders, priests, intellectuals and Jews.