VERY RARE “General Goring” Officer Cufftitle – Uniform Removed!


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When Hermann Göring was promoted to command of the Luftwaffe in 1935, he ordered his Prussian police battalions to be transferred to the Luftwaffe renaming it Regiment “General Göring.” In 1936, the regiment was assigned to be Göring’s bodyguards as well as FLAK protection for Hitler’s Headquarters. After early fighting in the Austrian, Czechoslovakian, Belgium and Netherland campaigns this regiment would be upgraded in 1942 to a divisional status and renamed Division “Hermann Göring” making these early cufftitles obsolete. This cufftitle on soft doeskin blue wool shows it’s age very well, the silver cord russian braid boarders as well as silver bullion scripture reading “General Göring” indicate this would have been worn by an Officer. At the time this cuff would have been in use (circa 1938), there were not very many Officers in this regiment. This cuff has clear signs of being worn from threads on the edge from being sewn on a uniform, to the ends still being attached to each other, giving the piece a “sleeve” like look. Rare piece of insignia with an amazing look that has without a doubt “been there.”