Shoulderboard Set for Schutzen Panzer Regiment 1 – RARE


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Very hard to find matching set of  shoulder boards to a member of the famous Schutzen regiments, anything Schutzen related is very hard to come by no matter what the condition is.  Each board has an aluminum gothic “S” for Schutzen with the number “1” for Panzer Regiment 1. There is also one rank pip with silver tress along the edge, indicating the rank of Feldwebel. The  bright rosa pink waffenfarb, indicating service in a Panzer Division. These boards show clear signs of once being worn on a uniform, both still have their attachment straps so these could be used again on a coat or fieldblouse.

When Germany first introduced Motorized Infantry in the 1930s those regiments that were the Infantry component of the Panzer Divisions, prior to being known as Panzer Grenadiers (from 1942), were termed ‘Schützen Regimenter’ (organized into ‘Schützen Brigaden’)  Overall this set is fantastic, with matching wear and clear signs of being field worn. Truly a rare set to find these days!