2nd Model AfrikaKorps Cufftitle – (Uniform Removed)


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Fantastic example of a type 2 AfrikaKorps cuff title as worn by members of the DAK who participated in action in the Africa Campaign. Typically when we encounter these they are unissued and never saw any wartime action. This example was recently purchased with several other items that were brought home by a 34th Infantry Division veteran who served in Africa and Italy. This example is textbook in every way, the cuff shows clear signs of not only being worn on a uniform and being removed, but shows signs of dirt from the field. Just a fantastic piece of combat worn/removed insignia!

Note – The AFRIKA cuff title was instituted on 15 January 1943 per Allgemeine Heeresmitteilungen No. 60, dated 27 January 1943.  As a campaign decoration, it was considered an award and all branches of the Wehrmacht who met the requirements were entitled to receive the award. To be eligible, a member had to have served in North Africa for at least six months. However, if the individual was wounded in action, the six-month time requirement need not apply.