VERY RARE NSDAP Political Leader M34 Overseas Cap for ‘Gauleiter’


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Very rare example of an early M34 overseas cap as worn by a high ranking NSDAP party leader with the rank of Gauleiter. This has the embroidered 1931 pattern cap eagle and 1935 pattern enameled cockade. The inside RZM tag is still sewn under the leather sweatband on the interior. The cap shows the bright red piping indicating the rank of Gauleiter.

This cap is also published in Jeff Clark’s book (Uniforms of the NSDAP: Uniforms – Headgear – Insignia of the Nazi Party), the cap is mint in every aspect and is one of a handful known to exist!

Note – A Gauleiter (German pronunciation) was a regional leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) who served as the head of a Gau or Reichsgau. The rank Gauleiter was the third-highest rank in the Nazi political leadership of the NSDAP party, subordinate only to Reichsleiter and to the Führer Adolf Hitler himself.