VERY RARE Gau Level NSDAP Political Leader Uniform Grouping


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One of the greatest uniform sets I have been able to offer in some time. This NSDAP Political Leader uniform grouping would have been worn by one of the original members of the NSDAP. Showing several award loops including a set for a Gau badge on the left pocket, and a Golden Party badge on the right. The uniform and pants are made to the highest quality, both are RZM made and have the “50” number indicating they were produced at the same time with the same material. The armband piped in red as are the collar tabs indicate this man was in a Gau level position. The collar tabs show the leaf with 2 rows underneath, this indicates he held the rank of Gau Haupt-Abschnittsleiter, this is a very high rank. All of the insignia and loops are pre 1945 constructed and without any repairs or restorations. I can not stress the rarity of this uniform, you will see a Gau level set come up for sale onece every few years, RARE, RARE, RARE!

Note – The photos with the badges are simply to show what award combinations it is set up for, the badges are not included, this listing is for the uniform, pants, and tie. All these items were found together and have perfect matching patina.