RARE Pre 1934 Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) Leader Visor – Anton Seemüller, Dillingen


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Incredible and highly desirable visor cap as worn pre 1934 by a Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) Leader. The typical caps encountered are the tan top with silver piping and black band, this example being pre 1934 manufactured shows the red band, early insignia and gold piped fat piping. The rankings of the leaders early on would use different colored piping to show the rank, the RJF would carry crimson colored bands, while staff level would have the vibrant red as shown here. The visor is near mint with a small worn spot on the top edge, the inside crown shows the manufacture mark of Anton Seemüller, Dillingen this firm is very rare to find in regards to German caps, they made some of the highest quality visor of the Third Reich period that rarely pop up on the open market. Truly an incredibly rare, and very attractive cap!

Note – The firm Anton Seemüller, Dillingen was established in 1875 by Josef Seemüller and led from 1918 by Anton Seemüller. Now it is still in business as “Seemüller und Muhlhausen Gmbh” in Dillingen, am Stadtberg 3, selling civilian clothing.