RARE Waffen-SS “Wiking” Division Photo Album



Here we have another amazing SS photo album for a member of Regiment Germania, later Nordland, and finally in Division Wiking. This is a fantastic and incredibly rare photo album to an early member of the 9th SS Jager Regiment “Germania.”  The front cover page shows some amazing portraits as well as writing to the original owner with Germania dedication.

This album is filled with 107 photos of early SS-VT Germania men, later they are in their Nordland uniforms, and later in Wiking Division. There are tons of rare uniform set ups, camouflage smocks, portraits, as well as some killer combat photos including armored vehicles with KIA/captured Russian men, there is even a photo of Hitler riding in his Mercedes while in a parade. The vehicle photos are the best due to the fact they are Wiking and Das Reich related photos!

Note – The Nordic formation, originally organized as the Nordische Division (Nr. 5), was to be made up of Nordic volunteers mixed with German Waffen-SS personnel. The SS Infantry Regiment Germania of the SS-Verfügungs-Division, which was formed mostly from Germans, was transferred to help form the nucleus of a new division in late 1940. In December 1940, the new SS motorized formation was to be designated as SS-Division Germania, but after its formative period, the name was changed, to SS Division Wiking in January 1941. The division was formed around three motorized infantry regiments: Germania, Westland, and Nordland; with the addition of an artillery regiment. Command of the newly formed division was given to Felix Steiner, the former commander of the Verfügungstruppe SS Regiment Deutschland.