RARE SS-Schuma Sicherheitspolizei (Internal Security Police) Uniform Removed Insignia Set


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Very rare set of insignia that was worn during the war and removed from the uniform. This SS-Schuma Sicherheitspolizei (Internal Security Police) insignia was without a doubt removed from the same uniform, the sleeve insignia shows period wear and signs of being crudely removed from the uniform. The very rare shoulder straps piped in green are textbook examples and show matching wear, both of these pieces display fantastic together and unlike most that are seen on the open market, THESE WERE WORN! Fantastic set that would be a great addition to any collection.

Note – In October of 1941, the Central Office of the SS and Police realized an increasing shortages in manpower. It was decided at this time, to make use, if possible, of local personnel who could be counted upon to work with, and have an allegiance to their German occupiers. Thus, the Eastern SCHUTZMANNSCHAFT was born. In the fall of 1941 Schutzmannschaft battalions and regiments were established in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, followed by the areas of the Ukraine and White Russia, so arm badge of volunteer legions. The Schuma personnel fell under the control of the regional Höhere SS und Polizeiführer, (Higher SS and Police Leader). These Schuma personnel wore a wide variety of uniforms, headgear and insignia including surplus black Allgemeine-SS uniforms, and assorted field-grey and police green items. In June 1942 distinctive cap and sleeves emblems were introduced for Schuma personnel to distinguish them from Ordnungspolizei, (Order Police), personnel.