Model 1933 Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) Knife w/ Motto – (C. Gustav Spitzer)


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Model 1933 Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser (Hitler Youth Knife) by RZM M7/80 – (C. Gustav Spitzer, of Solingen.) This is the best example of a Hitler Youth knife I have ever owned, just a stunning example in excellent condition. Transitional type with motto and RZM mark for (C. Gustav Spitzer, of Solingen.) This example has a perfect edge, no damage to the grips, tip, or scabbard, the blade itself has an amazing “Blut und Ehre!” (Blood and Honor!) motto with amazing factory crossgrain on the entire blade. This is an amazing early example that would be very hard to upgrade!

Note – Like all German edged weapons, early pieces reflected the highest quality work with the best materials. Early period knives had nickeled steel hilts with black bakelite checkered grip plates. The obverse plate was fitted with an enameled HJ swastika insignia. Through 1938, these knives were acid etched with the HJ motto, “Blut und Ehre!” (Blood and Honor!). Scabbards were made of seamless sheet steel with a riveted leather hanger attached to the back. Later period examples were made with plain blades and usually held an RZM marking, and zinc based hilts.