Identity Disc Dog Tag for 2nd Latvian Waffen-SS Volunteer Regiment – No.129



This is a genuine German WWII SS Erkennungsmarke (identity disc or Dog Tag), used to identify soldiers in the field. These were made of plated steel, aluminum, or zinc, and were designed so that if a soldier died, the bottom half of the tag would be broken off, while the other half remained with their body. The tag is marked as follows on both sides of the central perforation:

9. / Lett. ᛋᛋ-Frw. Regt 2

This indicates the soldier (No. 129) was a member of the 9. Companie, Lettische ᛋᛋ-Freiwilliger Regiment 2, or the 2nd Lavtian SS-Volunteer Regiment, 9th company. This would have been part of the Latvian Legion (Latvian: Latviešu leģions).

Note- The Latvian Legion was created in January 1943 on the orders of Adolf following a request by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS. The initial core of the force was populated by Latvian Police Battalions, which were formed starting in 1941 earlier for security duties and already serving on the Eastern Front under Wehrmacht command. While members of war crimes collaborator Arajs Kommando were subsequently joined to the Legion,[9] this was late in the war as the Kommando was demobilized from anti-partisan and anti-Jewish action, with the first former Arajs unit attached to the Legion in December, 1944.