German WWII Fire Service Bayonet ‘Feuerwehr Seitengewehr’ – (Carl Eickhorn)


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Stellar original German WWII Fire Service Bayonet (Feuerwehr Seitengewehr) dress bayonet for ceremonial wear by a fireman with his “walking out” (evening dress) uniform.  All German government officials wore a seitengewehr (sidearm) with their dress uniform, a tradition that goes back some 400 years. Although these have no provision for mounting to a rifle, they are still classified as bayonets.

This example is perfect with no damage to the grips, or the black Bakelite grips. The all nickel fittings are bright and tight to the piece. The blade is unsharpened and perfect to the tip, the bottom is marked by the manufacture Carl Eickhorn with their squirrel logo. This piece has the original black leather frog and is undamaged and without repairs. Overall a fantastic example that would be hard to upgrade to a better example.