German Imperial Period Patriotic Piece w/ RARE Type A 1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class


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Incredible piece I recently picked up that was found displayed as it is seen. Starting with the clay statue that shows an eagle with its wings out atop of the the 2 heads of Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. The bottom shows the words In Treue fest in German means “steadfast in loyalty; firm in fidelity.” This was the motto of the Kingdom of Bavaria (1805–1918) and of its Wittelsbach rulers, after the end of World War I used by Bavarian monarchists. During the First World War, the motto was frequently reproduced on postcards and other memorabilia, often with the portraits of emperors Wilhelm II and Franz Joseph I. The “fidelity” invoked in the motto was now interpreted as referring to the loyalty of the German Empire and Austria-Hungary to their alliance of 1879 in view of the increasing political isolation of the Central Powers on the eve of the Great War.

This statue also has an original, and very rare example of the 1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class in the mouth. This cross is very sought after as it is a true Type A cross produced during the period. Very nice aged and clearly worn cross with magnetic iron core with surface rust that will easily clean off if one wanted to. The multi-piece silver frame and ring are original and without repair. Though the cross shows age, for being over 150 years old, it’s perfect! These are typically missing from most collections, overall a stellar display piece with a really uncommon/sought after cross!