WWII Japanese Bring Back Grouping w/ U.S Soldier Capture Papers



Recently pulled in Florida by a good friend of mine is this fantastic group of Japanese WWII items brought back by a U.S veteran. Consisting of a patriotic Japanese collapsible fan, heavily field worn Japanese meatball flag with signatures, rare and very sought after large wool reinforced meatball flag typically flown on ships and transport vessels, rare U.S “surrender paper” intended to be given to Japanese troops at the end of the war, U.S expeditionary force paperwork, Japanese poem/story book with great lithographs and imagery, and a book printed by the Japanese Expeditionary Force printed after they captured the Philippines. A neat thing the U.S veteran did was translated all of the Japanese writing in the Japanese Book about their Expeditionary Force. The books binding has come loose, but the book displays fine regardless. This group is also accompanied by the original U.S Army soldier who brought all these items homes capture papers, this paper is detailed on what all was brought back, and has all of the offered items listed on it.

Groups like these are getting harder and harder to find on the open market, ones with such detail and complete items related to the capture papers hardly pop up. Great grouping with the history of how it came back accompanying the items!