Wool Three Piece NSDAP Armband with SS RZM Tag


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This Three Piece NSDAP Armband is a very nice piece, with great eye appeal. The body of this armband is made out of a high quality wool. The wool retains strong original color and most of the original surface nap. The front of the armband features a swastika emblem made of ribbed tape material, affixed to a ribbed white roundel. There are also visible signs of once having been sewn to a uniform. On the inside, this armband retains an original SS RZM paper tag. The tag features the round emblems of the SS and the RZM and a stamped maker marking, and shows no damage or issues. The armband is in excellent condition overall, with no damage at all. This Three Piece NSDAP Armband with desirable SS tag displays very well.