VERY RARE Imperial German Model 1902 Naval Dagger Set with Ivory Grip and Damascus Blade by WKC


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Incredibly rare example of a Imperial German Model 1902 Naval Dagger as produced by WKC (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie. in Solingen.) This dagger is one of the rare example produced with a Damascus steel blade, and an ivory grip. The dagger has the original hangers and belt set. Overall the dagger is in amazing condition considering it is well over 100 years old! The blade shows the textbook ‘angle hair’ Damascus steel pattern with an uncleansed surface, the lower hilt of the blade shows the Knight logo indicating the piece was produced by WKC. The ivory grip has a small chip near the hilt but overall is solid and tight, with a nice hue patina/age cracking as it should have. The wire is still wrapped around and tight to the ivory handle. The scabbard has no dents or damage and still functions with the push button mechanism. These are highly sought after, these examples were worn by some of the original me who pioneered modern naval warfare. Great piece!