Textbook Waffen-SS Officer ‘Kleiderklasse’ Visor Cap


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Genuine and original ‘Kleiderklasse’ Waffen-SS Officer visor cap. Textbook, worn officer visor cap in good condition, still has a very appealing look and shape. The black velvet band in the middle shows nice patina. The cap is complete with a textbook set of SS cap insignia, being a skull ‘totenkopf’ produced by Deschler, the eagle was produced by Augustin Hicke. The cap still holds its genuine saddle shape. Inside shows no markings, as should be with SS visors. It’s great looking visor with a lot of wear and patina to it. Some small moth damages, all pictures in the slideshow. A very unique chance to obtain a unquestionable original Waffen-SS officer visor cap!

Note – Kleiderklasse: Waffen-SS officers bought their uniforms from an allowance they were paid, either from a tailor or through the Kleiderklasse system where the officer paid a monthly amount and could draw supplies from a series of Kleiderklasse outlets. They would have had several tunics, a tailor-made one for best and probably a lesser quality or even an issue one for in the field.