RARE NSDAP Orts Level Political Leader White Summer Visor Cap


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This is nice example of a rare German WWII NSDAP Ortsgruppe (Local Group) Level Political Leader’s Visor Cap, fitted with non removeable white cover. Very similar to the military issue Schirmmütze (Peaked Cap), these were usually referred to as a Dienstmütze (Service Cap) or Tuchmütze (Cloth Cap). The cap shows high quality fabrication, made from tan “whipcord woven” wool fabric under the cover, and a traditional high front. The cap has the typical triple piping around the circumference, the light blue for the Ortsgruppe level leader. The cap band is a lovely dark tan velvet material. The cover is sewn on the crown, which has an intact stiffener, so we unfortunately cannot see the insignia underneath it, but we can feel that the original factory metal insignia is still there.

The front of the cover is decorated with a rare hand gold bullion embroidered spread-wing NSDAP Reichsadler (national eagle) insignia on the front, and an open cast metal gilt oak leaf wreath surrounding a metal tri-color cockade on the velvet band. The cockade has a small swas (hook cross) in the middle, only seen on these party leadership caps. All are in very good condition, with their plating partly retained. It has a wonderful gold bullion cord “chinstrap”, attached to the cap by gold-washed pebbled aluminum buttons, indicating that this cap is for an Officer / Leader. The visor / peak on this cap is brown-finished “vulcanfibre”, the standard material for NCOs and Officers alike, with a light brown underside.

The cap is lined with cream colored rayon faux silk fabric, and has the top celluloid diamond sweat shield fully intact, with complete stitching. There is however no maker mark on the top, or a size. There is however an intact (RZM) label under the sweatband, which identifies this as a TUCHMÜTZE, and gives the Hersteller (Supplier) number 1073 with issue number No 424608. The sweatband itself is made from fine brown finished leather, which is still supple with only light wear. It does look to have been re-stitched in a small part of the front at some point, as was common for the stitching to pull out over time while worn during the period. Overall condition is very good, and it shows only minor wear. We do not see any major moth or other damage, though we cannot see under the cover. The white cover shows only light staining and minimal age toning. These caps are very rare, overall in  fine condition, this cap is ready to display!