RARE Allgemeine-SS Officer Uniform Group – (4th SS-Standarte “Schleswig-Holstein”)


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Incredible untouched Allgemeine-SS Officer uniform grouping to a member of Sturmbann ‘N’. This uniform set consists of the early M32 black 4 pocket uniform with all the original insignia still attached, the bullion collar tab shows the number 4 indicating this man was in SS-Standarte “Schleswig-Holstein” based out of (Hartenholm, Altona.) The rank tab with 3 pipes shows the rank of Untersturmfuhrer. The sewn in shoulderboard shows Officer rank and still retains the original RZM paper tag on the underside. The left sleeve shows the early Allgemeine-SS armband still sewn, the lower end of the sleeve shows the blank black cuff title, this would indicate this Officer was attached to Sturmbann ‘N’, these men were hand picked from all the SS-Standarte to be based in Nürnberg  strictly for guard duty at all the NSDAP party rallies in Nürnberg, this set would have 100% been at some of the most historical party rallies! The right sleeve shows the period sewn “Honor Chevron for the Old Guard” (Ehrenwinkel der Alten Kämpfer), this was a NSDAP party decoration worn by members of the SS. The silver chevron, was worn on the upper sleeve on the right arm, was authorized by Adolf Hitler in February 1934. All members of the SS who had joined the Allgemeine SS, the NSDAP, or any other party organization prior to the 30th of January 1933, were entitled to wear the insignia. The left chest area shows award loops for 3 awards (one of which appears to be for a golden party badge, the top above pocket also has loops for a large ribbon bar. The collar is properly piped in silver corn as it should be for Officer ranks. This set was also found with the original early M32 black trousers, both the uniform and pants are undamaged and without any repairs or restorations, I can not stress how incredibly rare a set like this is to find on the open market, you will find 100 enlisted sets for every 1 Officer set. If you are looking for a textbook set worn by one of the earliest of SS members, this set is for you!