Luftwaffe Field Division Artillery Collar Tab Set – Mint


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The Luftwaffe field divisions were rapidly mobilized from Luftwaffe ground personnel in late 1942 and early 1943, to replace the massive loss of men on the Eastern Front. Due to the lack of training and poor performance in the field, of the twenty-two divisions formed, seventeen were either destroyed or disbanded before the end of the war. In January 1943 distinctive, “Jäger-Grün”, (Rifle-Green), collar tabs with newly introduced branch of service piping were introduced to identify the Luftwaffe field troops. Due to poor performance, the remaining Luftwaffe Ground Troops would be placed under control of the Heer (Army) in 1944. Their collar tabs were of this design with white border.

This pair of mint collar tabs are a matched set, the green wrapped buckram is piped in red indicating service in Luftwaffe Ground Troops (Artillery.) With one single gull in the center of each tab, his indicates the rank of Flieger (Enlisted Man.) Fantastic set of sought after insignia in mint condition, great for a display or restoration!