Waffen-SS Temporary Camp Guard Collar Tab


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Textbook example of a SS Temporary Camp Guard collar tab. These tabs were introduced in 1944 to be worn by Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe men who were transferred to the SS to serve as guards in the concentration camps. This tab is the so-called “Dachau” type, very likely one of the many removed near the end of the war from the Dachau storehouse. The reverse shows a few moth nips in the stiffener material, this material is the more uncommon type to find as well.

These are much more uncommon than TK skulls since they were worn by temporary assigned guards to concentration camps. In 1944, the Reischsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler took manpower among reservists and wounded soldiers (ages of 40+), around 10000 men, to serve in concentration camps in guard duties