Untouched WWI German M16 Combat Helmet w/ Battle Damage – (ET64)


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Textbook, untouched early World War 1 German M16 (Model 1916) combat helmet with battle damage/blood stained liner. The skirt is marked ET64 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale, and a shell size of 64. The exterior shows nearly all of the original field gray paint, as well as mud in the lugs and on the rim from the battle field. The interior rim shows a partial remaining ink stamp applied by the Abnahmekommando, indicating the helmet passed inspection. The original 3 pad liner shows clears signs from blood rot and is exactly how I would expect to look based off the top damage to the helmet. This helmet is over 100 years old, some how it has survived in an untouched state. Truly a very hard to find untouched piece of World War 1 history!

Note – There is often some confusion between the designation M16 and M17. The designation actually does not refer to the helmet at all, but to the liner. German helmets produced between January of 1916 and May of 1917 are fit with an all leather liner.