Untouched German M24 “Potato Masher” Grenade – (1939 Dated) 



Something every German collector is familiar with is the German hand grenade, often referred to as the “Potato Masher.” They do not pop up often, and when they do typically they are restoration pieces or simply fake. Known as the M24, this example is textbook with original paint and stick. Dated 1939 on the handle, and 1940 on the remaining fuse piece. The can still shows it’s original acceptance stamp on the bottom. Due to improper storage, it has some weathering on the can and pull string cap, but these still both function perfectly fine.  These do not pop up often untouched, they make great display pieces weather it is finishing off a combat mannequin, or simply putting in a display case.

(It needs to be noted that this piece has been made completely, and legally inert. It can not function what so ever and is for historical/displayable purposes only.)