Uniform Removed Waffen-SS Infantry Officer Insignia Set – (SS-Hauptsturmführer)


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Nothing can beat a uniform removed insignia set, especially one related to a member of the Waffen-SS. This set consisting of a stellar collar tab set with an early RZM pattern SS rune tab showing serious oxidation from being out in the elements. The rank tab also shows nice matched weathering with the rank stripe/pips showing the rank of (SS-Hauptsturmführer) “Senior Storm Leader,” this rank was also equivalent to Captain. The slip on shoulder boards produced in silver-aluminum Russian braid material have white rayon waffenfarbe in the middle on a black wool base underneath, indicating “Infantry” service. The boards also have 2 gold rank pips each which also match the collar tabs rank of (SS-Hauptsturmführer) “Senior Storm Leader.”