U.S Army Field Gear Set Serial Marked to Same Soldier – (1943-1944)


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Fantastic set of World War 2 issued field gear that’s all matched to one another with serial number markings. Rare to find unmolested field gear sets from the 2nd World War. This set consists of…

  1. 1943 Dated M1936 Musette Bag with marked/dated strap. The bag is serial number marked twice.
  2. 1918 Mess Kit Set with Utensils
  3. 1943 U.S Marked Belt with 1944 Medical Pouch w/ Contents and early Canteen Set, both serial number marked to match the musette bag.
  4. 1944 Dated Web Belt Hatchet Cover.

Great matched set with research potential, perfect example of field gear issued to a U.S soldier in the 2nd World War.