Textbook Waffen-SS Officer Collar Tab Set – (Unissued)


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A very nice mint set of unissued Waffen-SS collar tabs as worn by Officers. The collar tabs are very nice hand embroidered bullion examples, bordered with silver braid on a typical buckram backing material. These tabs are textbook in every way possible. Still sewn together as they were when they left the factory, a truly matching and mint set that would be impossible to upgrade! These would be perfect for a uniform restoration, or simply put in a display case.

Note – This is how the set came from the maker, one tab with the runes and the other blank. The pips and rank tress would be added as needed to the blank tab at the time of application to the collar. The runes tab has buckram backing and the rank tab has white mesh. It does not get better than this. Excellent and very rare.