Signed Japanese (Army) Meatball Flag



One of the most visually appealing items to be collected from the 2nd World War were the personal flags carried by the Japanese soldier for good luck. This example is a perfect representation of such a flag, with a perfect displayable size of 38″ wide by 29″ tall. There are signatures and good luck slogans written all over the flag as well as a dedication to the original owner, and even temple/shrine stamps. Overall this flag  shows it’s age well with a few small stains from the field and a light yellow patina throughout. While it was folded, the fold line through the middle has 7 inch tear from improper storage, this shouldn’t be an issue from now on,. This is one of the best looking flags I have had the pleasure of owning, if it wasn’t for the tear in the middle, this flag would be near flawless. If this one could be framed, it would look fantastic on the wall!