Rare Luftwaffe I.D. Disc – (Fallschirmjäger)



This is a very interesting I.D. disc recently picked up out of Canada. The disc overall is in top condition with no major oxidation, on the front it says (Flugzeugführerschule A/B 52; Kp.Oesau) This basically translates to “Flight School in Oesau.” After further research about this school, it was found out that they never received the full pilots education. They would be given the name “Kompanie Oesau” in mid March 1945, they formed the Kampfgruppe Oesau (Fallschirmjäger). This Kampfgruppe was formed from the members of this pilot school and also from Waffen-SS and Heer members. Really a very uncommon and unique tag to some of the last Paratroopers in the Third Reich!