RARE Kriegsmarine (Navy) 50×85 “U-Boat-Size” Gösch-Flagge


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German Kriegsmarine (Navy) “Gösch Flagge” (Jack Flag). This was the official national and mercantile flag of Germany during the Third Reich period. Although the National War Flag is most commonly associated as the flag flown by the Kriegsmarine, they also utilized this standard national flag. This small “jack” flag was flown from a jackstaff on the bow of a war ship to indicate its nationality. The flag is made of dual-sided printed wool, the flag is having reinforcement stitching and is complete with both its cord loops. The flag is a small sized 50 x 85 centimeters which is actually the rarest size of these flags as they are often referred to as U-Boat (and/or S-Boat) flags, because of their small size. I attached a photo of one of these flags being flown on a U-Boat during the war. Besides this, the size is also perfect for display in a collection as you don’t need a whole wall. The flag is nicely marked with (Gösch 50X85) and the flag is maker marked by the company (PLOSCHWEBERI) located in (GREFRATH) Northern-Germany. There are a couple of very small snag holes, and some wear to one corner edge. this is not storage wear, this all appears to be wear from actually being flown during the war. Overall a very nice, highly desirable flag that would be a great addition to any collection!