RARE Early Apple Green M35 Polizei (Police) Combat Helmet – ET68


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I just love this one, this is an M35 double double decal helmet that you just don’t see everyday! Stellar example of an early apple green M35 Polizei (Police) combat helmet in the large size of 68! This M35 ET68 with a lot number of 3896, started it’s life as a double decal Heer (Army), later on this helmet was reissued as a double decal Polizei with decals applied right over top of the Heer decals. Portions of the Polizei decals have flaked off exposing portions of the Heer decal underneath, giving this helmet a very great and interesting look. The helmet would have had the national emblem decal removed per the 1940 field order,  it shows signs of the national emblem and tri color underneath it as well. Hands down this helmet saw frield use during the early parts of the war!

Inside the helmet is fitted with an early non reinforced aluminum liner band, early split pins, early green paint, and early chinstrap. Another great feature is the 1938 dome stamp. The original chinstrap is present and is in good condition. A very unique setup with tons of character. I can not stress it enough, finding any helmet with the early set up and paint is very rare to find, one of this quality never pops up. Hands down one of the hardest types of early Police helmets to find.