Order of the German Eagle 1st Class – “21” (Gebr. Godet)


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Fantastic example of the Third Reich period 1st Class Eagle Order. Overall this is a gorgeous example of a very rare and extremely desirable award from the time. The smooth, white enamel on both sides is flawless, with smooth surfaces and no damage or repairs. The original silver finish on the award shows no wear or cleaning, the dark toning from age has left some beautiful almost rainbow colored  shades. The suspension ring on this medal is marked “900” indicating the award is made from 90 percent pure silver. It’s also marked “21,” this is the PKA code for the jeweler Gebr. Godet in Berlin, Textbook example throughout! What this cross really has going for it is unlike most found, this was a true issued/worn piece. We know this due to the addition of the 2 black clips on the ribbon, these would have clipped to other studs that would have been sewn under a uniform collar. Just a fantastic, textbook  award for any serious collector.