M42 No Decal Heer/Waffen-SS Combat Helmet – (CKL66)


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Stunning combat worn Heer (Army)/Waffen-SS M42 no decal steel helmet in excellent condition. Untouched no decal helmets are much harder to find than their counterparts, mainly due to most had decals added post war/reproduction camo patterns painted on them. This is a textbook helmet, retaining its late war grey coating with spots of white in places indicating a previous whitewash camo at one point on the exterior. Liner is original to the helmet and split pins remain unmessed with. The leather is nice and supple with sweat stains and what appears to be a few small blood spots. The genuine chin strap is still present in the original place since the war having a steel buckle. Maker marked in the rear by CKL for the manufacture (Eisenhüttenwerk Thale / Herz) and the large size of 66 with the lot number of 4716. This helmet would have been produced during the later period of 1944 and without a doubt saw combat! Truly a fantastic helmet for any collection.