Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge by (G.H. Osang) – Type B


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This is a textbook Type B  badge as produced by (G.H. Osang, Dresden) with no damage or repairs. Osang produced FJ badgesvtend to be very uncommon compared to most makers of the Para badge, the finish is great with a nice dark wreath and heavy toned gold gilding on the eagle with much of the brass coating remaining underneath. The reverse shows a beautiful undisturbed patina with the ““G. H. Osang Dresden” makers mark. There is a perfect pin, hinge, and catch on the reverse with no damage or repairs. True original FJ badges are getting very hard to find on the open market, this is by far one of the best examples of this type out there. This maker is heavily faked and much harder to find on the market over most, fantastic example.