Luftwaffe M35 w/ 3 Tone Spray Camo “SE64” – Named


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If this helmet could talk it would have one very interesting story. Originally starting it’s life as a Double Decal M35 Luftwaffe helmet marked “SE64” for the firm (Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G) with the shell size of 64. The inside of the helmet has the original early liner with single aluminum band, the leather is aged but supple and not cracking. The inside of the leather has a sewn in cloth tag with the original soldiers name and Luftwaffe rank “Oberleutnant Rossman”, the rim also has writing as well as a field post number. With more research I’m this soldier could be found.

There are also signs at one point the helmet was white washed for snow camouflage, there is still some on the inside. The exterior has an amazing pattern of spray camouflage consisting of tan, green, and a brownish red. This is typically known as a “Normandy” pattern. Another very interesting factor is this original soldier hand painted a crossed bayonet w/stick grenade on the front of the helmet. This symbol is seen on many German combat awards like the Close Combat Clasp, or the General Assault Badge.

There is no doubting this helmet saw serious combat situations, with research the story could maybe be told over time. Regardless this is one of the nicest Normandy spray camo helmets I have ever picked up, the fact it is named with a personal touch of the painted symbol is just icing on the cake. These untouched camouflage helmets that have never been in a collection are getting harder and harder to find…