Large Single Sided NSDAP Flag


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This single sided NSDAP Flag is a one-look original piece, with awesome character. It’s made of a typical red cotton fabric. On one side, there is a large white roundel with a bold, printed black Nazi swastika emblem. The roundel has been neatly machine stitched to the flag with white stitching. This is certainly a flag that was used, and it shows some honest age and wear. The roundel has age toning, and some light staining with a small tear. There are a few stains and tears to the red field, but overall. This single sided NSDAP Flag has a been-there look that would make a great display piece for a “combat” collection. The condition is very good. Flag Dimensions: 80″ length X 55″ width. Fantastic example with serious signs of being used during the period.