Heer (Army) M40 w/ 3 Tone Spray Camouflage – “Q64”


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If this helmet could talk I’m sure it could tell one hell of a story. Recently picked up directly from the veterans family, this helmet started it’s life as a Heer (Army) M40, later reissued to w/ later period green paint, and reinforced liner, (circa 1943-1945.) This example had a very dark greenish/black base layer applied followed by a 2 tone spray of light green and tan colored paints giving it a really great look! All the split pins are present and undisturbed, the liner has some blood stains as well as some of the tongues have come detached at the tips, but they are still held in place by the draw string. There is the soldiers steamroll number in red paint of “2119.” The stamp on the inside rim of “Q64” for the manufacture of  Quist, with the head shell size of “64.”Untouched German helmets are hard to find with the aspect of never being in a collection, this example was pulled directly out of the wood work and the new owner will be provided with the U.S. veterans information of who brought it home.”