Heer “Army” EM/NCO Belt Buckle – (Noelle & Heuck 1940)


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If this one could tell a story, I’m sure it would be rather interesting. Produced in 1940 by the firm (Noelle & Heuck Lüdenscheid.) Made of steel, much of the apple green paint has since worn off while out in the field. The reverse is marked “N&H 1940” indicating that it was produced in the year 1940 by Noelle & Heuck. The most interesting part of this buckle is the field repair to the prong tube. At some poing the original must have broke, so the soldier improvised by using a flat head nail adn turning the tip so it wont fall out. The buckle works flawless like it should! Very neat piece with a true combat worn look produced by a rather uncommon maker to find.