Heer (Army) Dagger w/ Orange Grip


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Fantastic example of a middle period Heer (Army() dagger. The blade on this one looks awesome, the crossgrain is perfect, the tip is perfect and the fit is perfect. The blade rates Mint-. It has the slightest spotting that you have to look very hard to see, there is also no makers mark, though it resembles and Eickhorn made piece. The leather buffer pad remains intact. The steel based and nickel-silver plated scabbard is in excellent condition. It provides excellent detail with the random pebbling and oak leaf bands, there are no dents or damage. Both throat retaining screw remains intact. The nickel-silver plated eagle crossguard looks excellent! The pommel and ferrule are also beautifully detailed with nicely burnish backgrounds! The grip is celluloid over plaster in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks, the color is the sought after pumpkin orange example. The exterior of this piece has excellent patina. Overall a very nice mid/late war example. The eagles wreath has a pressure crack that needs to be taken care of when handling, its still connected to the eagles feet, but has cracked enough that with improper handling, I fear it could break off. Overall, this does not take away from this beautiful daggers eye appeal.