German Eagle Order 2nd Class Neck Order w/ Swords – (“21” Gebr. Godet & Co, Berlin)


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When it comes down to these awards, most are unissued examples and without swords. This example of the German Eagle Order 2nd Class neck order with swords by Gebr. Godet & Co, Berlin was recently pulled from a U.S veterans bring back box filled with field removed awards and insignia. It is the right amount of salty, and shows wear. Though the swords are not still on the award, you can still see where the original rivet in the middle of the cross is. This piece is silver construction with enamel parts and a soldered on loop, it is also uncleaned. The loop is marked with the PK code of Godet “21” and the silver content mark “900”. The medal remains in an overall nice displayable condition with small enamel damage on both sides. This example is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the high prices an unissued examples brings. Textbook in everyway, great piece!