Amazing Heer (Army) M35 Helmet w/ Snow Camo Paint – “Q62”


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This helmet started it’s life as a Heer (Army) M35 Double Decal, later reissued due to regulations in 1940 stating the removal of the National Tricolor shield. The early single aluminum band liner is nice with very supple leather, and it still retains the original tie string. Like we see often, the original apple green paint was covered up with a rough texture field grey. During it’s service the original soldier covered the helmet with a painted on white camouflage paint. Masking off the decal so it can still be seen. Snow white camo helmets are extremely hard to come by, typically the biggest thing to look for is not a white helmet, but one that has an almost egg shell type color which this one has perfectly. The front has a crude swastika carved into it. This overall is a one looker original camouflage painted helmet with clear signs of period aged wear and amazing patina. There is no chinstrap, there is a name on the liner and the rim of the helmet. The rim of the helmet is marked “Q62” for the manufacture of  Quist, with the head shell size of “62.” Overall, camo helmets like this really don’t pop up often.