2nd Pattern Führerhauptquartier (Fuhrer Headquarters) Cuff Title – Uniform Removed


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Amazing uniform removed Führerhauptquartier cuff-title s an extremely desirable piece of insignia for a very elite German Army formation. This pattern of cuff title was worn by members of Hitler’s security battalion (Führerbegleitbatallion) at his headquarters in East Prussia, starting in 1939. This is the second pattern version, the body is made of a high quality black doeskin wool, with a smooth nap. The cuff title is emblazoned with the word “Führerhauptquartier” in hand embroidered wire bullion, in the “Sütterlin” script taught in German schools until 1941. This embroidery is perfectly executed, with no damage, and shows only extremely slight toning to the bullion. The long edges of the cuff title are edged with aluminum wire “Russia braid,” which has been machine sewn to the cuff-title. The reverse of this cuff-title shows typical long hand-applied stitches that join the top and bottom edges, protecting the back side of the embroidery. This is a true uniform worn example as it shows signs of thread and holes where it was sewn to the sleeve, the ends are even still connected at each end! There is no mothing or other damage, It’s an outstanding example of a hard to find cuff title that was clearly worn on a uniform, truly a remarkable example!